locked #BugReport - Issue with mode FT8 Rpt Rcvd field logging NOT CORRECT for stations calling with TX2 reply #IssueReport

5H1FF Frans

First of all I want to compliment you all with the great software WSJT-X that I am using with much pleasure.

I am using FT8 mode with WSJT-X version 2.4.0 on Windows 10 PC in combination with a Yaesu FT950 and HRD for the logging.
All working fine, except for one thing:
If stations are responding with TX2 (in stead of TX1) and you answer them by double click on their call, the final signal logging of "Rpt Rcvd" is INCORRECT or stays empty.
The best way I can reproduce this is (after a fresh startup of WSJT-X) by calling CQ and wait until a station comes back with TX2 (and not TX1). If you answer this station the report field for "Rpt Rcvd" stays empty!
However also during normal operation when you answer a station that calls with only TX2, the "Rpt Rcvd" seems to be filled with the last "correct" signal of the previous TX1 answering station before. This last one is tricky, because you have to be aware if logging is done with the correct signal report for "Rpt Rcvd". Therefore almost always I have to correct the report for logging of my own received signal strength it the station called via TX2.

Hereby a screen-print of the CQ calling situation after a complete fresh startup of the WSJT-X instance:

CQ calling and
      answer a station calling with TX2

If stations are calling and I stop and start the WSJT-X instance shortly, a similar situation is occurring, see:

Stop and start
      the WSJT-X instance shortly and answer a TX2 calling station

I would be glad if you could change this in a new version, it saves a lot of corrections of the received signal strength from all the stations that are not complying to answering with TX1 but TX2.

73's Frans 5H1FF

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