locked Re: WSJT Sensitivity V MSHV #why ?

Derek Brown

Hi Mike,

Well I tried it again this morning, both in parallel in the same RX cycle on 6M and MSHV always gets more decodes than WSJT-X, in some instances I cannot even seen the signals on the waterfall on WSJT-X, but i can hear them on the speaker of the IC7610, I will try and do a screen save of one or two RX cycles to show what I am getting, the RX signal into WSJT is in the green around 30 to 40 and in th green on MHSV, at least this morning I worked 9K2, A71, A45 and A65 on 6m allin auto sequence, on MSHV, but I did check WSJT, but there was no decodes from them there !!! Weird. Same radio, same PC just different programs.

73 Derek G8ECI

On Sunday, 6 June 2021, 13:05:35 BST, Mike G0LQI via groups.io <mfmhb9@...> wrote:

Hi Derek,
Just out of curiosity, I ran MSHV in parallel with WSJT-X on 10 m just now, getting about a dozen decodes each cycle. I found that MSHV never got more decodes and that every two or three cycles, WSJT-X got one or two more low S/N signals.
73 Mike G0LQI

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