locked Re: VS: [WSJTX] 2.5.0 RC1 - No receive after transmit - rig control disables RX on Yaesu FTDX-3000 VFO A running split #IssueReport

Mark Steele

One other interesting note that I believe removes RFI from the equation - I can induce the issue by changing frequencies in WSJT-X.

Let's say I am on 20 meter, if I select 30 meter from the drop down, VFO-A goes deaf (meaning the RX light for VFO-A blinks and WSJT-X shows no audio). Switching to any other frequency causes VFO-A to 'hear' again (RX light goes steady and WSJT-X shows audio / decodes). Switching between another frequency / band causes the cycle to repeat over and over - on / off / on / off.

This test was on 2.5.0 rc-1


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