locked Re: WSJT-X FT8 , FLRIG, Xiegu G90 - Failure to Transmit - Hamlib Rig Failure - Cat Control #Cat_RigControl


Hello Gregory! 

So far everything looks good. What settings do you have in the PTT tab for flrig? In my case I found having PTT via CAT enabled and unchecking the boxes for RTS +12v and DTR +12v worked for me. 

Greg KJ7AWJ 

On Wed, Jun 2, 2021, 11:04 Gregory Kenley <gkenley@...> wrote:
WSJT-X v2.4.0 c19d62,
FLRIG 1.3.54,
Xiegu G90 v1.75

Moved my AlexLoop outside on the Patio and was very happy to finally start receiving FT8 messages on both the 20m Band and my Receiving channel.
Was following some guidance from  OH8STN Youtube and trying to see the current ALC on the the G90.  This of course requires Transmit.
Noted that I was NOT transmitting CQ sequences and the G90 Transmit button would not go on.
Selected Tune to force transmit and received an error.
Cat Control Test was successful - PTT was NOT.

In OH8STN Youtube Julian states that the G90 is NOT yet in FLRIG or Hamlib and he hoped it would be there soon.
Happy to find G90 listed in FLRIG 1.3.54.  
My GUESS here is that it's a brand new addition and not yet fully debugged?

Note - this is a screengrab AFTER I have disconnected the G90 setup.
The COM was corrected selected as COM4 - this is not an issue.
Just wanted to get the current settings in the posting.

Tried different options here with Split Operation - but did not impact the issue.

Hence my HamLib recent addition of G90 as my main suspect.
Anyone aware of who to contact with regards to HamLib team?

- Best and 73
Gregory Kenley

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