locked Re: #Q65 Latest Performance Results for Q65 with Settings #Q65


Hi Dwight
in times of CW (what was this?) we had 2,5 minutes TX periods in EME or 5 minutes in high speed CW with full power. A QSO easily lasted up to one our ... Once a 70cm meteorscatter QSO I could complete after 4 hours and I was a very happy guy. But nowadays we live in sort of a "highspeed society" ....

Christoph Petermann DF9CY

JO54al (Baltic Sea Coast)
7 MHz Dipole @9,5m - 400w

50MHz 6 ele OP-DES Yagi - 270w

144MHz 9 ele DK7ZB - 330w
432MHz 23 ele - 35w


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