locked Re: Import Hamlib #Cat_RigControl


Bill, finally got out to the shack today to check on this.  Thanks for your help so far.

So I changed the radio tab in Power SDR CAT ID to "Power SDR" where it had been TS-2000.  then I brought up JTx and both CAT and PTT were working normal.  Then I changed the radio tab in JTx to "FlexRadio/ANAN Power SDR/Thetis".  First time doing TestCAT I get the HamLib Error (174255) pasted below.  Then TestCAT turned Green and TestPTT will work one cycle (on/off) and then turn Red with the same HL error.  Then HamLIb Error box comes up to 'Reconfigure Radio'.  If I change radio tab in JTx back to TX-2000, things work OK again. 

I then went back to Power SDR, changed the radio tab back to TS-2000, changed the radio tab in JTx to 'FlexRadio/ANAN Power SDR/Thetis and on TestCAT, Immediately see the second HamLIb error (174253).  Continues to come back to Reconfigure Radio and no chance to testPTT.

Strange that this second error mentions 6xxx series but the 'driver' was marked Power SDR??!!

Anyway, it appears that I can run 2.4.0 all right by changing the radio tab in Power SDR to 'PowerSDR' and leaving the radio setting in JTx as TS-2000.  This doesn't make sense to me but I surely don't understand what HamLib is or does.  Maybe this indicates a bug or maybe not.  Well beyond my elementary programming skills or understanding.

Thanks again for your help and if you do figure out what is going on, I would be curious to know what it is/was.

73, Bob

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