locked Re: 6 meter Q65 from CN71 #Q65


Hi Dwight, 50.275 30A is pretty standard. I would like the try to work you from CN81 in Yreka. A bit of a challenge since I have 6’000’ + mountains between you and I and am very close to them.


On May 30, 2021, at 8:22 PM, Dwight Jones <dwightjones@...> wrote:

I'm new to this mode (I guess everyone is.) Can someone tell me the best frequency and submode for 6 meters in the western US?

I'm open to schedules with anyone who needs CN71 on this mode. My days are pretty free. Just send me a message with the time you would like to try. I'll let you know if that time works. Mid-day is probably the most productive time. (We would reschedule if Es happens to come to this grid at the time of our sked.)


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