locked Re: Documentation for format of .ini file #general

Bill Somerville

On 30/05/2021 22:00, Kenneth Williams wrote:
My interest centers around starting wsjt-x with the --rig-name option.
I am primarily interested in those settings which affect the rig configuration during startup and any nuances or subtleties in the usage of these setting.
I saw something about this mentioned in an earlier posting but the usage was unclear to me.

With respect to my ability to understand technical details, I am pretty technically literate and I am able to bit-streams, byte-streams, packet formats, etc., including the command set for my rig (TS-570) so feel free to comment with the minimum necessary level of detail .

Hi Ken,

starting WSJT-X with a unique --rig-name= argument will cause it to create an use a unique settings file and log files directory, each instance is completely isolated. There are no nuances or subtleties.


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