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Jeff Stillinger

That is almost my exact configuration.   Each "machine" has to have a static IP.   On Linux you will want to build and install samplicator to split the UDP traffic among two different IP's and ports.   That way you can still use CQRLog's features such as the CQ Monitor and logging, while sending the UDP traffic off to windows as well.

 I use a old copy of Windows 7 on Virtualbox to run Log4OM.  You can just as well use any other program such as the DXLab suite.  As long as you can tell it what IP address and UDP port to listen to.  I do this out of pure laziness.  Someday, I will get around to fixing CQRLog so that it uploads to QRZ.   Then I can eliminate this weird stuff all together.   For now, it works.

There has been a long standing problem with JTAlert in that you can not set the IP address for JTAlert.   So it will always be hanging out listening on  It simply won't work.   Not to mention it has to detect WSJT-X running before launch.   It's better to toss it and use a native Linux tool such as AlarmeJT or CQRLog.  Both have source available so you can make it yours.


Samplicator Source:

On 5/30/21 2:15 PM, Jim Pennino via groups.io wrote:
Since wsjt-x communicates with jtalert and dxlab via udp, is it supported configuration to run wsjt-x on a linux machine communicating with jtalert and dxlab running on a windows machine?

This would be on a local, reliable, high speed network.

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