locked Re: Documentation for format of .ini file #general

Bill Somerville

On 30/05/2021 21:12, Kenneth Williams wrote:
Where do I find the documentation for the format of the rig specific .ini file (like WSJT-X - xxx.ini)?
I looked through the User Guide but it was not coming to me.

If possible, please point me to the documentation instead of describing the format here so that I can better understand how to navigate the available docs.


Hi Ken,

other than generally being the standard .INI format used widely on MS WIndows, the value formats are internal and should not be of interest since they are all readable and in most cases settable using the WSJT-X application. The actual value formats are defined by the Qt Framework we use for system and cross-platform abstractions.

Perhaps I can help more if you can be more specific why you need to understand these internal values?


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