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Tim Hollembaek

Roger, I just ordered one! Sometimes a simple solution is better than looking for a complicated fix. As in: check the fuse vs check the interelectrode capacitance.
Tnx for the suggestions. This has been a frustrating but educational experience.

73 KG7CL

On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 11:26 AM <groups@...> wrote:
On 29/05/2021 19:11, Tim Hollembaek wrote:
> l
> Bill, I am using a laptop with no line-in jack,
>   only the mic/phone jack.
> On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 5:23 AM Bill Somerville <g4wjs@...>
> wrote:
>> On 28/05/2021 20:50, rimrocktim@... wrote:
>>> 2013 Dell Latitude E6330 laptop
>>> Windows 10 Pro
>>> 2.7 ghz processor
>>> 8 GB ram
>>> x64 based processor (64 bit)
>>> This laptop has a dual audio jack that is mic/headphones and is the
>>> only way to get audio on and out of the laptop.
>>> Rig is a Kenwood TS-830S using the phones jack for audio out and the
>>> mike jack for audio in from laptop. I’m using VOX to trigger the rig.
>>> WSJT-X v 2.3.1
>>> I have used the rig with a Linux machine until recently with no problems.
>>> Problem:
>>> At startup with rig attached, the microphone is missing when I look in
>>> WSJT-X audio settings and the headphones show connected. The program
>>> will toggle the transmitter on but there is nothing being received
>>> because of the missing audio input to the laptop. It appears the
>>> laptop can’t find the mike unless there is audio coming into it. If I
>>> connect a mike/headphone to the jack and test it using Skype’s sound
>>> test the test works fine. Then when reconnecting inputs from rig to
>>> laptop I find the mike is now connected in the audio tab and WSJT-x
>>> works fine. I can then use FT8 for hours with now problems which
>>> indicates I am not dealing with some intermittent hardware issue. I
>>> have had to do this convoluted start-up procedure since I started
>>> using this laptop with my rig. Any suggestions as to a fix?
>> OM,
>> I would recommend using the line in connection on your PC if you are
>> connecting to a headphone AF output from your receiver. Many PCs have a
>> combined MIC/LINE-IN socket with circuitry to distinguish them from the
>> connected impedance.
>> 73
>> Bill
>> G4WJS.

I see that your computer has USB ports so why don't you use a USB sound


Tim E.Hollembaek

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