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Bill Somerville

Hi Lars,

if you are getting power in RTTY modes then I doubt you have a working Tx audio connection, that is probably just the rig keying one of the RTTY tones.

Check you rig is correctly configured and connected to take audio from your sound card on Tx when in USB-DATA mode. E.g. DATA MOD -> USB if you are using a USB connection to your PC and rig.

Also check your Tx audio levels: https://wsjtx.groups.io/g/main/message/13890


On 29/05/2021 16:36, Lars Berg wrote:

Hi Bruce and thanks for the tip. I changed type in Omni-Rig to IC-7100e4-DATA and set WSJTX setting  to                       


Following happend with Rig setting :

USB-D TUNE - TX ON – No Power out. However Mode on 7100 did NOT change to RTTY-R

RTTY-R TUNE – TX ON - Full Power (10W) out. Rig mode shifted to USB-D

RTTY     TUNE – TX ON – No Power. Rig mode shifted to USB-D


Did the same test with WSJTX Mode None.

USB-D TX ON - NO Power

RTTY-R TX On - Full Power (10W out)

AM TX ON – Full AM Power ( abt 5W out)


I guess I have to do as Bill says; drop Omni-Rig. Hope I can do that without need to go to the

station site. One way drive is around 6 hours.


73 de Lars

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Lars,  Try the rig in the dropdown for IC-7100e4-DATA

It has for the DATA command this,

; These lines select USB-D for USB digital mode, FIL1


If you want FIL2 then edit this entry like this,-Rig to


And like this,



Bruce  N7XGR


On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 2:35 PM Lars Berg <sm0ccm@...> wrote:

Computer: Fujitsu Esprimo 2.90GHz Ram: 16Gb
OS: W10 PRO 20H2 (Latest may update)
Rig: IC-7100 (Power used abt 10 watts)
App: WSJT-X Ver. 2.4.0 (Same problem on all versions tested )
Omni Rig 1 type: IC-7100e4
Running a remote station using RRC-1258's from www.remoterig.com , Distance: 450km.

This worked fine until a few weeks ago. A lot of Windows updates. CAT works (supplied log).
Setting > Radio > Mode: Data/pkt ON. Pressing TUNE. Tune shift to RED. Mode on 7100 Shift to RTTY-R and stay on the mode. Power out is OK - about 5 to 10 Watts. No SWR Have to reset RTTY-R manually.
Setting > Radio > Mode: None Pressing TUNE .Shift to Red. Rig shifting to TX . NO Output at all. Can see on a remote SWR meter that IC-7100 shifting and also in the log.
Setting > Rig Mode from USB-D to AM. Pressing Tune. Works OK. Same with setting rig RTTY. Working OK

I have been fiddling around with the rig control head so I might have change something in the IC-7100 settings but what? Any suggestions or help are welcome.
73 de Lars (Present calls holding: SM3CCM, SM0CCM, 7S3C, J73CCM)

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