locked No TX #FT8

Lars Berg

Computer: Fujitsu Esprimo 2.90GHz Ram: 16Gb
OS: W10 PRO 20H2 (Latest may update)
Rig: IC-7100 (Power used abt 10 watts)
App: WSJT-X Ver. 2.4.0 (Same problem on all versions tested )
Omni Rig 1 type: IC-7100e4
Running a remote station using RRC-1258's from www.remoterig.com , Distance: 450km.

This worked fine until a few weeks ago. A lot of Windows updates. CAT works (supplied log).
Setting > Radio > Mode: Data/pkt ON. Pressing TUNE. Tune shift to RED. Mode on 7100 Shift to RTTY-R and stay on the mode. Power out is OK - about 5 to 10 Watts. No SWR Have to reset RTTY-R manually.
Setting > Radio > Mode: None Pressing TUNE .Shift to Red. Rig shifting to TX . NO Output at all. Can see on a remote SWR meter that IC-7100 shifting and also in the log.
Setting > Rig Mode from USB-D to AM. Pressing Tune. Works OK. Same with setting rig RTTY. Working OK

I have been fiddling around with the rig control head so I might have change something in the IC-7100 settings but what? Any suggestions or help are welcome.
73 de Lars (Present calls holding: SM3CCM, SM0CCM, 7S3C, J73CCM)

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