locked Rapidly Switching VFO's v 2.4 #IssueReport

Bill M

I have an Icom IC-7800/PW-1 and a Navigator. Latest version of Win 10. I have never had an issue with any versions over many years(14?). I downloaded 2.4. I used it for a while after the download and no apparent issues. Finally seeing the 3A on the bands I was chasing it. I switched to F/H mode and set the frequency to 7070. Suddenly the VFO's began switching back and forth rapidly  A-B-A-B-A-B etc. I was in receive...I tried changing bands...and various other buttons. I finally just shut the rig and amplifier down.

I turned the 7800 back on alone and tried again. It worked for a bit but again changing from 7074 to 7070 it started again,,,nothing stopped it. I shut the WSJT-x down and it stopped. I am using JTAlert latest version as well.So I started it all up, changed the dial and it began. This time I shut the JTAlert down...and it kept switching. And again it stopped when I shut down WSJT-x. So after downloading version 2.4 for a second time and trying that, it still switched. So I searched high and low for version 2.3.1 with no luck, but I still had it in my downloads and loaded it...No Problem and all is normal. So if it is a bug or something defaulted with the new version, and problem is in my settings...I am fine with 2.3 for now.
Bill W2CQ

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