locked VS: [WSJTX] #GeneralGroupInfo Problem Decoding. #GeneralGroupInfo

Reino Talarmo

On 27/05/2021 18:50, Dave Tucker Nu4N wrote:
I am using the latest release. On my Windows 7 computer the worked bk
shows up as red. On my Windows 10 computer it shows green. I have both
computers set with the same parameters. Any thoughts ??
Thanks 73's de NU4N/Dave
Hi Dave,
what does "worked bk" mean, and what specifically "shows up as red"?
Hi Dave,
If you mean by 'bk' worked before, then do you have the same wsjtx_log.adi file in both computers? And have you restarted wsjt-x after copying the wsjt_log.adi or rescan colors?
73, Reino OH3mA

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