locked Re: GA 2.4.0. DT margin smaller now? #Timesync #FT8

Chris, HB9DFG

Hi Jim

Thanks for your info, and as you perhaps saw, I also added an edit of my mail a little
later on.
After my observation with this undecodable -1.1 DT signal I listened around the activ
HF-bands. I quite quickly saw a few stations with DTs of +1.1, +2.0, +2.2, +2.4 and
also +2.5, but for those with big "minus" values I had to wait much longer ;-)

It needed some time until I got the first -0.5 and half an hour later I saw someone
with -1.6 until I finally got also a -2.4 DT so it seems the DT margin is around +/- 2.5.

Maybe it's good to know, cause I did not found an info yet in the manual about the
maximal possible/allowed DT value (+ or -).

Regards de Chris, HB9DFG

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