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Martin G0HDB

On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 08:43 PM, Tony Collett wrote:
Hi Martin - Yes!
Also a Dell running W64 fully up to date and installed into a fresh folder.

V2.4 dropdown lists were all OK for me except one I use for VHF that only had 6m, 2m and 70cms QRG in - that dropdown list was only the width of the frequency box itself instead of increasing in size in order to show the full information.

I tried cloning the config and resetting the frequency list in the clone. That worked but as soon as I edited the list the box became too small again. V2.2 continued to work fine when I switched back to that.
I also tried resetting it completely to default so had to re-enter everything for that config, again all OK until I edited the list.

Now the oddity - I switched off the PC yesterday, let it have a good sleep and when I came back to it this afternoon all was OK.
I have not tried editing the frequency list since (just in case).

Apart from that v2.4 seems OK here, certainly no issues with delayed Tx or DT - was happily decoding somebody with 2 sec error earlier.
Hi Tony, thanks for the reply.  I've just done some further tests of v2.4.0 based on what you had found with your configs, with the following results:

I was also using a config with only a couple of 6m frequencies (50.313 and 50.323MHz) in the list so I've just cloned that config and have done a full reset of the clone's frequency list (without doing any subsequent editing of the list), followed by a full cold restart of the PC.

The width of the drop-down frequency window has expanded but not fully; most of the frequencies are now displayed as 14.074 0...Hz (20m) but the two frequencies for 80m and 40m are displayed in full, eg. as 3.573 000 MHz (80m).

I have now just edited the set of frequencies in the cloned config; I've deleted all the (inband) frequencies below 160m and above 6m and have closed and then restarted v2.4.0.  The width of the drop-down window and the appearance of the frequencies in the drop-down list have changed again - most of the frequencies are now shown as, for example, 14.074 ...z (20m).

Closing v2.4.0 followed by a further cold restart of the PC and then starting v2.4.0 again hasn't resulted in the width of the drop-down frequency window and the appearance of the frequencies in the drop-down list reverting to what they should be - the frequency strings are still truncated within a narrower-than-normal window.

When I change the size of my preferred MS Shell Dlg 2 font from 9pt to 8pt, which I believe is the default for WSJT-X, the number of characters displayed for each entry in the drop-down list of frequencies increases but the full string still isn't displayed because the drop-down window is still too narrow.

I've changed from the clone of my '6m FT8' config to another config titled 'Test' and after doing a full reset of the frequencies in that config I can see that the frequencies shown in the drop-down list are truncated, as I'd found with the previous config.

When I revert to v2.3.1 the frequencies shown in the drop-down list are all displayed fully no matter which of my dozen or so configs I select, so it would appear that there's something in v2.4.0 that's affecting how the drop-down frequency window is sized and hence how the frequency string gets truncated.

It's all very frustrating to say the least, because I would like to migrate to v2.4.0 but the truncation of the frequency string within the drop-down list makes it more difficult to switch between different frequencies especially on the same band!

Martin G0HDB

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