v2.4.0 GA possible bug? #IssueReport #general

Martin G0HDB

I never got round to installing and trying any of the -RC versions of v2.4.0 but a couple of nights ago (on Mon 24th) I downloaded and installed the 64-bit GA release, v2.4.0 (c19d62).  My PC, a Dell 3070, is running Win10 (fully up to date); the PC has a 3.0GHz i7-9700 8-core CPU with 16G RAM and a 256G SSD.

After installing v2.4.0 I discovered that when I opened the drop-down list for the operating band, the frequency information was truncated to only the first few characters of the string because the width of the window containing the list of frequencies and bands was too narrow, so it was impossible to see exactly what the frequency was.  When running v2.4.0 the width of the drop-down window only extends to the RH edge of the drop-down box itself, whereas when running v2.3.1 the RH edge of the drop-down window is approximately half-way across the adjacent 'DX Call' box.

When I run v2.4.0 all I can see is the frequency/band drop-down list is, for example:


When I revert to v2.3.1 the list in the drop-down window is displayed normally and in full, and I can see:

50.313.000 MHz (6m)

I've tried installing v2.4.0 into a different folder to my installation of v2.3.1, although of course the v2.4.0 installation still uses the same WSJT-X.ini file, and the problem of the truncated frequency string in the drop-down list still exists even though exactly the same font (MS Shell Dlg 2, regular 9pt) is invoked for both v2.3.1 and v2.4.0.  I've tried changing the font to both 8pt and 10pt but it made no difference - the frequency string was still truncated within the narrow drop-down window.

I have numerous WSJT-X configurations that I use for different operating scenarios but to date I've only tried using a couple of them when running v2.4.0 and have observed the same truncation issue with the drop-down window that displays the frequency and the band.  However, I haven't tried doing a reset of the frequency list to see if that makes any difference although it's interesting that another user only noted the truncation of the frequency string in the configs for which he *had* done a reset of the frequencies.

The issue with the truncated frequency string and the restricted-width drop-down window has certainly never arisen before when I've installed all the various upgrades, both -RC and GA versions, that have been released in recent years.  It's a rather annoying 'feature' that's effectively dissuading me from upgrading to v2.4.0 GA because I can't see exactly what the frequencies are for all the bands in the drop-down list!

Has anyone else observed this issue, ie. the truncation of the frequency string in a restricted-width drop-down frequency/band window, in v2.4.0?

Martin G0HDB

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