Re: 2.4 GA Transmit Cycle Change? #FT8

Jack Trampler

I have noticed the same thing here and did some testing.  First, the equipment:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 20H2
i7-9700 CPU 3.0 GHz 32 GB RAM

Elecraft K3
Signalink USB

WSJT-X and latest version of JTAlert. 

Prior to installing WSJT-X 2.4.0 I made a copy of the C:\WSJT folder and saved it to a flash drive and then I installed 2.4.0.  I immediately noticed the "delay" issue being discussed here.  On FT-8, WSJT doesn't send tones until almost 2 seconds into the transmit cycle.  On FT-4 its just over 1 second.  I found the same delay when clicking the Tune button.   I then noticed if I changed bands, it took some time (turned out to be the same delay) for WSJT-X to display the K3 frequency.  If also has this delay when changing from FT8 to FT4 and vice versa as the modes also change the frequency.  Watching the K3, it reflects the frequency change immediately but WSJT-X takes that 2 seconds to update the frequency shown.

Since I had a copy of the WSJT folder from Ver 2.3.1, I renamed the WSJT folder that has 2.4.0 in it to something else and then pasted the backup WSJT folder with 2.3.1 back to the C:\ drive and ran Version 2.3.1.  There is no discernible delay for any of the above using 2.3.1.  Additionally, I then repeated all these situations without JTAlert and it made no difference.  Version 2.4.0 has this 1-2 second delay (delay time depends on mode) wheras 2.3.1 has no delay.  2.3.1 begins transmitting at the beginning of the transmit cycle whereas 2.4.0 begins transmitting just after 2 seconds on the timer in FT8 and just after 1 second on the timer in FT4.


Jack - N2JT

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 12:42 PM
With v2.4 GA, the transmit cycle appears to be shorter in length.  With FT8, the cycle (PTT & Tones)  initiates at 2 seconds and terminates at 13 seconds.  With FT4, the cycle initiates at 2 seconds and terminates at 5 seconds.  Under prior RC versions of 2.4 and v2.3.1, the transmit cycle ran from 1-13 seconds on FT8 and 1-5 seconds on FT4.  There is no apparent effect on decoding on either end of the QSO.  Not a problem, just curious.

Vy 73, Chet W6XK

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