locked Re: wsjt-x v2.4.0 hamlib problem #Cat_RigControl

Bill Somerville

On 25/05/2021 06:03, Sam Sjogren wrote:
I have a similar issue.  Everything worked in 2.4.0-rc4, not with today's general release.  Using an Anan-100D with CAT control configured to answer as a TS-2000, virtual com ports via com0com.  PTT via CAT is especially broken, frequency change sometimes work but slowly. The error message that pops up is attached as an image.

I've downgraded to 2.3.1 since 2.4.0-rc4 will stop working in a week anyway.  The current configuration works fine for 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.4.0-rc4, tested today after the failure with 2.4.0 GA.

Hi Geoff,

so I can see what is happening, put the attached file into your WSJT-X configuration files directory (on MS Windows that is the same as the log files directory, "Menu->File->Open log directory"), restart WSJT-X, run a minimal test that demonstrates the issue, then quit WSJT-X. It will have created a file on your Desktop called WSJT-X_RigControl.log , send me that file for analysis please?

Once the log file has been sent you can delete the log file and log configuration file to return ton normal operation.


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