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Appreciate the suggestions  but I take my phone to shack and I have qrm so thats out of the window. And the idea of purchasing https://www.keysight.com/us/en/software/application-sw/spectrum-monitoring-software/signal-surveyor-4d.html#/ at $27000 is more than the last 2 new vehicles Ive bought.

I was looking for VHF only software decoders but including some of the ones removed from WSJT-X (and still included in the likes of MSHV JT6M and FSK441) But selectable on one screen and then that be able to start the full time TX/RX software by choice. Otherwise just being able to monitor and see whats on the band. ie MS EME or just normal tropo and really I can find that out myself on PSK reporter and find it is unaccompanied FT8. I realize, like WSPR its shows that there is an opening between A and B but i have a good set of ears and I hear the data chatter before its decoded on screen and the likes of JT6M and JT4G I hear immediately. 

But Im detracting from my original thought - SDR direct into decent 4 Core I7 decodeing at least 10khz wide or even wider if the rx allows it. Please just lead me in the right direction
GD6ICR Peel Isle of Man

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