locked Re: Microphone Icon on Win10 #FT8

Jim Bacher - WB8VSU

George, I wonder if you have wsjt-x listen to your radio speaker by microphone. Make sure you have it configured to use the correct audio in.

A quick test is turn off the speaker on your radio and see if it stops decoding.

I accidentally had wsjt-x using the microphone with the speaker turned on and it had no issue running that way.

Jim Bacher, WB8VSU

On May 24, 2021, at 10:48 AM, George Weller <gvweller@...> wrote:
Old laptop died.  Loaded everything on the new one ('waaay faster!) and everything works (after some effort).  But one thing, I haven't seen before.  In the Win10 tray, a microphone icon.  Mouse over, and it says "WSJT-X is using your microphone".  And the icon goes away on Xmit, comes back on Rcv.  It seems to have no bad effect, as PSKreporter shows my signal decoded all over the place.  Haven't seen this on other apps.  Maybe it's just a twist from the latest build of Windows.  Anyone else seen this?

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