locked Re: Rig Failure #Cat_RigControl

wmmilton <WMMILTON@...>

Try Setting data bits to 8
Stop bits to 1 
Handshake to None and
Both DTS and RTS to High
Make sure you have the correct COM port.

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 7:18 PM Walter Egenmaier <wegenmaier@...> wrote:
I am trying WSJTX 2.3.1 for the first time with latest N3FJP  (ACL ver 7.01), WIN 10, 64 bit laptop, and FT-991A (with internal modem).
I have never used WSJTX software before, but do use N3FJP and since it is compatible, I though I would try to set this up on my rig for FT8.
As you can see by the attachment, I have several rig failures. Any suggestions on how to fix. I am set up on COM7 using VSPE (Virtual Serial Port Emulator software) which does work with my ACL from N3FJP. The ACL software has rig control and it reads the freq on my rig perfectly. So not sure what my next step should be. 
I did get band activity that wasn't there before, so not sure how that happened. I'm on USB 7.074 MHz.
Appreciate any help to get me started. 
Walt / WB4ZUT

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