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Tom V. Segalstad

Hi Mike


There is an app for PC, and for mobile phone (at least for Android type phones), which is able to decipher a number of digital modes. It is called «SignalID» for «Automatic Radio Signal Identification».


SignalID can at this time recognize the following digital modes:

RTTY (85 Hz, 170 Hz, 450 Hz, 850 Hz, and amateur 170 Hz).

STANAG 4285 (GEN, SYS3000 FEC, 8PSK, TFC, IDLE, SYS3000).




The authors of this app are working to include more kinds of digital modes.

And there may be other apps doing this digital deciphering also?


The SignalID app can be downloaded from «Google Play» or from the following web sites:





When you start the app, you will see a button labeled «0 – 30 MHz», hence it is set for HF and frequencies below.

If you press that button, the SignalID app will work for modes used from 30 MHz and upwards in frequency.

You get more info by pressing the «+» button in the upper left corner of the screen.

See the copy of the screen in the picture below.


73 and good luck from Tom, LA4LN


SignalID for Android - APK Download



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This may be a stupid question - But in scouring the bands I hear so many data signals and I look for a possible decode based on what I think they sound like. As Im predominately a 2M up and we've already removed modes from WSJT-X (JT6M FSK441 for example but not in MSHV) and there are limited modes I struggle to identify them and as some are meteor pings its hard to go back over the recording if one was made and replay and decode it.

So my question is - is it possible to have a receive only system that will run through all the modes and give a predicted match. I understand that all the protocols and code is probably available but today my programming skills are diminishing (too old) so lets see if anyone out there can provide a solution Id like to help in any way I can.



Tom (LA4LN)

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