locked Cannot use /P in callsign when using JT65 and JT9 modes #JT65 #JT9 #IssueReport

Haris SV1GRB

Hello to all, I would like to mention a strange behavior regarding the use of a specific type 1 suffix in the callsign.

The list of type 1 suffixes indicates that /P is a valid type 1 suffix:
When /P is used in callsign on JT65 and JT9 modes, the /P suffix is present in all generated messages so there is no room for the third word (reports,  RRR and 73) to be transmitted.
The Tx1 is transmitted normally as G1ABC SV1GRB/P
The Tx2 instead of G1ABC SV1GRB -15 is transmitted as G1ABC SV1GRB/P
The Tx3 instead of G1ABC SV1GRB R -15 is transmitted as G1ABC SV1GRB/P
The Tx4 instead of G1ABC SV1GRB RRR is transmitted as G1ABC SV1GRB/P
The Tx5 instead of G1ABC SV1GRB 73 is transmitted as G1ABC SV1GRB/P
The Tx6 is transmitted normally as CQ SV1GRB/P

When using another type 1 suffix such as /3, the suffix is correctly present only in TX1 and TX6 and everything is transmitted FB.

Currently using version is 2.3.1.


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