locked Re: Calling with TX2 #FT8

K8BL BOB LIDDY <k8bl@...>

Lance... Vy Cool! TNX for sharing. Drive Safe!  de  Bob K8BL

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, 02:35:39 PM EDT, Lance Collister, W7GJ <w7gj@...> wrote:

I am on a month long road trip across the country on 6m from the car, and I always call CQ with my current grid. Funny how many people answer me ignoring my grid and assuming I am still in Montana!  But I always show where I am.  Right now I am on the road to eastern MASS. I sure have been impressed with some of the 6m Es openings to EU and AF that I have gotten in on with my 150w and roof mounted Squalo! FT8 is very handy to use when driving (especially when XYL is behind the wheel- HI!). GL and VY 73, Lance

On 5/21/2021 21:55, Larry Banks via groups.io wrote:

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