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Yep!  And, since when have we gotten to the point of having
a computer decide everything for us (ending a QSO) instead
of using our God-given brains?

de  Bob  K8BL

On Friday, May 21, 2021, 09:49:18 AM EDT, Brad, N8GLS <n8gls@...> wrote:

RR73 !!

Brad, N8GLS

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Its easier to end an FT8 QSO than it is to end this topic.

On 5/21/2021 6:52 AM, Jon Ermels via groups.io wrote:
Just because WSJT says to log a QSO doesn't mean the other guy got your report. You still have to pay attention. I got an email at least once every two weeks or so from someone demanding I get into my eQSL out box and delete a QSO because it was NOT IN MY LOG. When I was new at this I just logged everything WSJT reminded me to. Signals fade rapidly with FT8 so just because you are satisfied doesn't mean the other guy is.

73 de NØIGU Jon

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