locked Re: Callsign piracy, is there a solution? #FT8 #WSPR


On 21/05/2021 12:14, Dave Garber wrote:
years ago, some software had your callsign embedded in it, by the
programmer. Although it could be hacked ( in those days), it was never a
need to enter your call in a box. so no changes could be made on the
fly. difficulty was if you changed calls, or had a special event call, you
had to ask for another copy of that software.
Going this way would require each download to be registered, before you
could download. a lot of work for the many thousands using free software
Dave Garber
Unfortunately it's all to easy to replace a call with someone else's in the WSJT-X standard messages. I've been pirated a couple of times by a local amateur who was trying to take over an exchange but fortunately I was able to mitigate it by restarting the contact again shortly afterwards.

Piracy of calls has been going on since before I was born and will continue until our hobby is terminated.

The biggest risk is from misbehaviour by these culprits.


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