locked Re: Successfully ending an FT QSO #FT8


1. My log is just that, MY log. I will put in it what I choose. For example I log a 'contact' with the NCS when I participate in a net. I log incomplete QSOs because as they did in the old days, having a log of activity can be important (i.e., to resolve potential RFI issues).
2. You do not have to QSL any contact with me. I'd love it if you did, but you don't have to. One of the problems with eQSL is that it notifies you of a potential contact. I've seen some pretty weird requests there. It is on your decision how to, or not to, acknowledge a contact.
3. If you're not a moderator then please don't demand that I don't participate in a discussion on this list (or any other).
4. Please consider having a great day.


On May 21, 2021, at 07:53, Jon Ermels via groups.io <n0igu@...> wrote:

Just because WSJT says to log a QSO doesn't mean the other guy got your report. You still have to pay attention. I got an email at least once every two weeks or so from someone demanding I get into my eQSL out box and delete a QSO because it was NOT IN MY LOG. When I was new at this I just logged everything WSJT reminded me to. Signals fade rapidly with FT8 so just because you are satisfied doesn't mean the other guy is.

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