locked Re: Callsign piracy, is there a solution? #FT8 #WSPR

Dave Garber

years ago, some software had your callsign embedded in it, by the programmer.   Although it could be hacked ( in those days), it was never a need to enter your call in a box.   so no changes could be made on the fly.  difficulty was if you changed calls, or had a special event call, you had to ask for another copy of that software.   

Going this way would require each download to be registered, before you could download.   a lot of work for the many thousands using free software today.

Dave Garber

On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 8:07 PM Paul <sthcsttkd@...> wrote:
I'd like to think that it's an accident but really, there are no other VK0 operators down here, I looked up VK5PD and he isn't in that grid. It would be s struggle to mess up a call by that much so I don't see any other possibility. It could be pure accident but what are the odds. The same thing has been happening on FT8, and I haven't been on it at all. Even my VK2 callsign has been pirated on FT8. There has to be a better way of stopping this behaviour, it's sad to think anyone would be doing this kind of thing deliberately.

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