Dave Garber

ok, if you are using the signalink usb version, and not the sl1+, why do you need to use a usb to serial adapter

my sl-usb only uses the usb a to b cable, no adapter, cause it has to place to plug it in

Dave Garber

On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 11:37 AM George <gnrporth@...> wrote:
Appreciate your reply... 
I have set my W10 computer power setting to always on.
I will re-check power settings. 
I do not use CAT with my radios. Just the signalink usb or my home brew opto-isolator based interface with direct wired audio.  I do use a serial to usb converter with that setup. It has never given me this issue. 
When it happens I check my other digi programs before trying to restore tune/ xmit functions... same issue receive audio fine...  xmit/tune audio not functioning. 
My sound card settings for the signalink at times require re-setting,  when that occurs some times wsjt audio sets,  also needs a re-set. 
All my connecting cables have ferites.... 
For some %&$#@% reason my computer loses settings for the signalink. 
It’s all fun!! 
George,  Ny4fd 

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