locked Re: Autogrid and Time Sync for Windows 10 Tablet with GPS? #general

Bill Somerville

On 15/05/2021 12:02, Steve Kavanagh via groups.io wrote:
Hi Bill

At least at some level, yes.  Under "Sensors" there is "Sierra Wireless Location Sensor".

Under "Network Adapters" is listed "EM7355", which is the part number for a Sierra Wireless multipurpose radio which supports GPS as well as a variety of 2G, 3G and 4G cellular standards, intended for North American usage.

I am guessing that these two are related.

Steve VE3SMA
Hi Steve,

if it presented as virtual serial port delivering NMEA sentences then it would be relatively straightforward to take a GPS fix from that, convert to a Maidenhead gridsquare, then send that to WSJT-X using the appropriate UDP Message Protocol message. I suspect it is conforming to some Windows driver that integrates it into Windows more directly, I'm afraid I known nothing about that or how an application might gather information from it.


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