Locked Config Question #WSJTX_config

Wes Elton

Hi all,
My thanks to those who responded with constructive comments.
Given their structure, I had hoped it would be realised that the two callsigns I used as an example would be recognised as being "made up", my mistake.
What I tried to indicate was that when a band is really busy, several "pages" of decodes will have passed and a wanted CALLING DX callsign could easily have been missed. It is only on seeing someone calling/going back to the wanted DX that it's presence would be known
No, have not heard a P5 but was just asking if what I outlined as a possible feature was even achievable having carefully pointed out that I have no knowledge of software. 
Would a software wizard please confirm whether or not this feature could be available in the future.
 As an aside, I don't drink coffee.
Regards to all es Stay Safe.

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