Locked Re: Frequency shifts down 500KHz on transmit #FT8

Paul Turner

A shift of 500Hz (that’s HERTZ not KILOHERTZ!) is completely normal. It allows the program to generate the tones at a higher frequency to keep harmonics outside the TX passband.


73, Paul G4IJE.



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Everything was working great, WSJTX, JTAlert and HRD LogBook.
Then there were no decodes the next operating session, no Windows updates to interfere.

I hear and see loads of signals but no activity is shown in the RX pane, the DECODE light flashes now and then, but still no decodes.

I have to confess, I didn't really notice if this is normal for the VFO to shift 500KHz down on transmit, is this normal?

Any help would be appreciated.

FTdx-3000, Yaesu web site drivers, Win 10 Ver 20H2, OS build 19042.964


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