locked Raspberry PI #general

Bengt SM6MUY


I have over the years used a RPI for WSJT-X, mostly for FT8 and MSK144. The "speed" of the RPI is on the margin but when #4 was introduced I had no issues to run WSJT-X in deep mode and with AP. With the resents updates of WSJT-X it seems that I'm back to RPI2 or something like that. Everything is very slow. Even in fast mode it can barely decode a handfull of signals before next period starts. Is this normal ? I re-installed raspbian (32 bit) and WSJT-X but with the same result. More annoying is also the errors that pop-ups every 2-5 min regarding the sound. I really tried different settings but no improvement. I use USB connection to my IC-7100. This is also a new thing after upgrading to version 2.3.x.

So any recommended settings for my PI ? Or should I just change HW and use Linux or Windows ? It seems at least impossible to use RPI any more with all these issues.

73 de

Bengt, SM6MUY

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