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Reino OH3mA

   I have discovered this. If you not doing a Contest like Field Day, the software should not allow you to put no more that 2 extra characters (CQ MO AB8YZ EM12) in the TX6 line. At least it shows <...> AB8YZ in the TX Window.


On Monday, May 10, 2021, 7:03:26 PM CDT, Reino Talarmo <reino.talarmo@...> wrote:


You can put after CQ only one to four letters of exactly three numbers, no special characters, if I remember correctly. So your try fails at least due to the length.

73, Reino OH3mA


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I can set TX6 to say CQ MO-KS-LA AB8YZ EM12 but when it transmits is says <....> AB8YZ.




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