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Reino Talarmo

Hi David,

You explained that behaviour completely, thanks!
Well, there could be a lot of other minor issues WSJT-X could do better, but once your know what is happening you should just “obey” the “rules”, I think.

73, Reino OH3mA


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Aihe: Re: VS: [WSJTX] Copy And Paste Not Working #general


Hi Reino,
Thanks for responding.  To answer your question... Yes, I can paste into Notepad just fine.
I think I see the problem.  Perhaps you can test this to see if you get the same behavior.
If I select a call sign with an extra space such as "3D2ZK ", copy it to the clipboard, and then try to paste it into WSJT-X, it fails to paste.
If instead I select a call sign with no extra spaces such as "3D2ZK", it seems to work.
Perhaps the clipboard handler in WSJT-X could be more forgiving by trimming whitespace off of the text rather than rejecting it completely.
AK2L, David

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