locked Re: T/R 30s seems to be a default now in -RC4 #Q65 #MSK144

Roger Corbett

Ho Bob,
Have had a similar problem with the default TX frequency not staying at 1000Hz.
Best option for this would be to setup a configuration with all your defaults settings.
In my case I had to have the Settings->General-> Behaviour “Monitor returns to last used frequency” checkbox checked.
In fact you have to go through all your Configurations and make sure they all have the checked box checked. You only have to do this once and then it sticks.

To make a new configuration go to the “Configurations” menu, select “Default” and then “Clone’ from the menu extension.
Make all the setting you need and then its done no need to save anything but you should change the name of the configuration so you can remember which one to select.
Then to switch modes you just select the configuration from the list in the configuration menu.

Works well for me so hope that helps.
I currently have about 10-12 configurations!


Roger ZL3RC

On 7/05/2021, at 10:35 PM, KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@denstarfarm.us> wrote:

I switch modes on 6m and 2m quite a few times.

Lately I notice that, all too often, I am calling CQ on MSK144 but with 30s T/R time.

Sometimes I remember to check. But this morning right after I turned the rig on and selected MSDK144 on -RC4, I began calling CQ on MSK144.

About 3 minutes later I realized I was again in a 30s T/R series.

Can't we have Q65 default to 30s and MSK144 always default to 15s when we touch the mode choice?

All this only began after the introduction of Q65 choices. Well, at least in my cob-webby brain anyway.

'Defaults' are great. Use defaults for all the modes.

Bob KD7YZ in NE Kentucky

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