locked Re: wsjt-x shows different freq than the radio #wsft-x bug?


Hello Steve!

Are you running in Split operation mode in the WSJT-X or HRD settings?


On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 12:34 AM Stephen Smith via groups.io <km5gn=mac.com@groups.io> wrote:
I am having a strange problem with waft-x that I hope someone can help with. I’m Running HRD controlling an FTdx10.  wsjt-x is connected to HRD as the radio. jtAlert is connected to wsjt-x and Gridtracker is connected to JTAlert.

All works great in general, but I noticed today that if I call CQ with the band set to 20 and the frequency to 14.047.000 , when wsjt-x transmits, the frequency changes on the wsjt-x display to  14.072.000. HRD and the radio still show the correct 14.074.000.

Any idea what’s happening and if something needs fixing?


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