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Casimir Schesky <cfschesky@...>

Thank you for accepting me into this group.
I have been using WSJT-X on an IC7300 for about 3 months and it is fantastic software!  
Recently I bought a MC-HF RS918 SDR radio clone, called a B188, for QRP use in the field. I would like to use it with WSJT-X and have seen a number of YouTube videos using examples of this clone working with WSJT-X and also HRD. The settings folks are using in these videos don't seem to work for me with this radio, but I am a newbie and not a wizard by any means so I could be missing something.
Can anyone tell me what settings to use with this radio to integrate with USB to WSJT-X? I have enclosed a couple of pictures for more information.  The sign-on screen at boot up for this SDR radio says the following:
"BS188 Transceiver
Hardware License:  cc  by-nc-sa 3.0
K. Antanassov, MONKA, www.m0nka.co.uk
Version 2.12.00
Firmware License: GNU GPLv3"
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
73 and thanks,
Casey Schesky KE8PFA

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