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Jeff Stillinger

The Kenwood TS2000 is there for Linux users.   It's between the 140S and 440S.   Both on version 2.3.1 and 2.4.0-RC4.    It is recommended that you build WSJT-X from source on the Linux platform.  Remember whenever you are installing from a pre-built package (even "official" repositories), it's someone else's work.   Who knows what they did or didn't do to it.   The instructions are simple and strait forward to perform the source build.  

On 5/3/21 2:30 PM, Dennis Jacobson wrote:
Hello again all... I'm trying to configure the settings in WSJTX Linux system.. But when I go to select Radio, there is no Kenwood TS-2000 listed for me to select... How do I go about having that added to the Radio list in the Linux version...
Thanks all..
Dennis N6NG

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