Re: WSJT-X and OmniRig stopped working after CPU/memory upgrade #Cat_RigControl

William Smith

A couple of things to note, and please understand I'm not being snarky, I get what you are saying and why you are doing it, but I do have to point out:

Windows 8.1 support ended Jan 9, 2018, well over 3 years ago. Yeah, it's different, but upgrade to Windows 10.

I would have described changing the motherboard as a Hail Mary, and while I'm glad (for you) that it worked, I'm astounded that you didn't have more problems.

You may have already done this, but I'd check with Device Manager to see if any of your hardware devices need driver updates, or if there are any hardware driver updates available for your motherboard, as there's probably some kind of hardware or resource conflict buried deep inside Windows.

Virtual COM ports will apparently depend on the hardware drivers for the physical COM ports? Not sure I understand the details, but I ran across weird stuff like:

However, there is a known Windows issue that affects most applications. The virtual COM port will be removed from the device manager when the USB cable is unplugged, even if an application has the virtual COM port open. The virtual COM port will not be accessible even after the virtual serial device is reconnected unless the virtual COM port is released by the application prior to the reconnection, which may require closing the application first. It is therefore recommended that the application be closed before the USB device is unplugged.

Just because it helps ,ysterious problems more often than not, try a 'full power' restart:
Power off.
Unplug the power cord
Press the power button for 10 seconds
Plug the power cord back in.
Power up and see if that makes any difference.

One other SWAG: Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8.1?

Good luck, and please tell us how it works out!

73, Willie N1JBJ

On May 1, 2021, at 7:18 AM, Klaus <> wrote:

Hi all,
maybe someone here has encountered a similar problem and can point me towards a solution.

I had WSJT-X 2.3 64 Bit together with some other HAM software (HRD, HDSDR etc.) running perfectly on my PC.

For CAT control I'm using OmniRig together with the MicroHAM USB Interface III.
Everything was ok. The PC was/is running Windows 8.1 because on that machine I don't want the permanent forced updates of Windows 10.
CPU was an Intel Q9550 Core 2 with 4 GBytes of memory - the maximum limit of the motherboard.

But the PC sometimes was a little slow and since I want to do some HAM related software development on the machine too, I decided to do a hardware upgrade to get some more horse powers under the hood.

Last week I changed to a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard with an Intel Core i7 3770k quad core processor and 16 GBytes of RAM.
The in-place-upgrade went flawlessly. After the first start all hardware was recognized by Windows. Current drivers were installed and all installed programs were running fine and fast.

All, EXCEPT WSJT-X 2.3 64 Bit running together with OmniRig for CAT control.
Whatever I do, when starting WSJT-X it comes up with the CAT error dialog and if I click on details, it says:

"Failed to start OmniRig COM server"

WSJT-X itself is running fine and decoding. But useless without CAT.

No matter what I try, it won't work. I upgraded WSJT-X to the current version 2.3.1, uninstalled OmniRig and reinstalled.
No way.

What I find really strange: WSJT-X is the ONLY program refusing to work with OmniRig. All other programs don't have a problem. CAT configuration itself hasn't changed. The (virtual) COM ports are the same as before the upgrade.

So what's the difference "in the eyes" of WSJT-X? More memory (16 instead 4 GBytes), higher processor speed, 8 logical processor cores instead 4.

Nothing uncommon and probably found on millions of other PCs running.

Anybody here has got an idea?


Klaus / DF6NP

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