Re: WSJT-X and OmniRig stopped working after CPU/memory upgrade #Cat_RigControl

Karl Beckman

The error message definitely sounds like a driver compatibility issue involving the COM server function within OmniRig. Since WSJT-X is required, and is written to run under Windows 10 OS, you have to resolve the conflict on the OmniRig side. 
1)  Is your version of OmniRig the most recent, and tested to be fully compatible with Windows 10
2)  You stated that "The in-place-upgrade went flawlessly. After the first start all hardware was recognized by Windows. Current drivers were installed and all installed programs were running fine and fast.".
How do you know that all the drivers you loaded after the MB change are both current and correct?  You cannot trust Microsoft's file selection for this point.  In particular, if you are using a USB to RS232 serial adaptor cable, you MUST lioad the exact driver file provided by that device's supplier.  MS too often installs a newer version that is not exactly matched to your hardware, and counterfeit chips are being used by some suppliers to build cheaper imitation cables.
3)  You did not mention what radio you are using that is apparently not suported by WSJT-X'S built-in direct CAT functions.  If your radio IS listed as having CAT support by WSJT-X, try using their CAT, even if it is not otherwise compatible in some ways with the MicroHam interface that you use for other operating modes in your station.
4)  I do understand that you want to stay with Windows 8.1 OS in order to avoid the Windows 10 OS updates periodically offered by Microsoft. This decision has significant long term negative impact, since nobody is still writing software for Windows OS8 or 8.1 and relying on forward compatibility is a high risk to your investment in the new motherboard.  It is probably wiser for you to install Win 10 and simply disable the automatic OS update process.  Then your station and computer will simply be frozen in time. 
Karl  WA8NVW  OH

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