I am guessing an older topic - WSJT-X 2.3.1 and Yaesu FT-DX 1200 error #Cat_RigControl


Hi Everyone,

Getting this error ever once and a while with the WSJT-x v2.3.1  it happens on any band

Hamlib error: Protocol error

newcat.c(1514):newcat_get_vfo return(-8)

rig_get_vfo: returning -8(Protocol error

newcat.c(9684):newcat_get_cmd return(-8)

newcat.c(1514):newcat_get_vfo return(-8)

newcat.c(1514):newcat_get_vfo return(-8))rig.c(2591):rig_get_vfo return(-8) while getting current VFO


I have cat on a 9 pin serial to usb.  Not sure if there is anything I can do for this.  Looking for suggestions. 
BTW firmware is as up to date as i can make it.
DE N)QHM - Jim

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