Re: #Cat_RigControl Kenwood TS-890s connection failure #Cat_RigControl

Bill Somerville

On 29/04/2021 15:17, William Osborne wrote:
Bill I was using V2.2.2 when all was well. I installed v2.3.1 and starting getting the message I send in the last email.  But says boy with red face, this morning I re-installed v2.3.1 to do the test you requested and all works fine.

Even so, I would like to install the file you attached to trap any issues I see in future.  But, I not sure how to install it.  I open the wsjtx log file directory  and I see WSJTX.ini do I add this file to that file or do I just copy the attachment to this directory and have two ini files?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Bill,

don't do that, you will end up with an enormous file on your Desktop. Also don't touch the main WSJT-X.ini file, that's the settings for the application and is managed from the GUI, the log configuration file is separate and only for diagnostic purposes. There are some sample log configuration files in the installation directory (C:\WSJT\wsjtx\share\doc\wsjtx\example_log_configurations\) if and when you need them. With no log configuration file in place the log entries go to the file wsjtx_syslog.log in your WSJT-X log files directory and size is managed automatically by rotating the file monthly or if it gets too big. Use specific log configuration files for specific issues, the default logging will record warnings and errors without you needing to do anything.


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