locked Re: Inscrutable WSJT-X problem! #Windows10 #Icom


Check your time sync on the computer that is not working.... that might be the issue.


On Apr 21, 2021, at 10:55 AM, Joseph Willis via groups.io <ve2cy@...> wrote:

I seem to have an unsolvable WSJT-X transmission problem, that came about while operating one day (I had been using it for several months).  I don't remember clearly how it occurred, because I was concentrating on making contacts, but it seemed the keyboard or operating system froze or bugged, and I could no longer use the FT8 session I was running at that time.

Even after a reboot, I could not make a contact, although everything seemed to work, and WSJT-X opened as normal.

I re-installed the WSJT-X program, reloaded the CP210 USB/UART codex s/w, and even ran a utility to clean up the registry.  No luck.  The program loads, goes into transmit mode, the monitor shows a modulated signal going out, but no one replies, and PSK Reporter acts as if it doesn't hear me.

As an experiment, I had another laptop, and installed the program on it.  It worked first time, every time, like the Eveready Bunny!  So, for the past few months, I have been scratching my head comparing everything I could between the two computers.

They both have Win10, CP210, WSJT-X 2.12, and use the same IC-7300 rig.  The Icom display looks like the same modulated FT8 signal when I transmit from either computer.

What else is there left to compare ?  I have checked, rechecked and re-re-checked all settings again and again.

Is there some other wsjt-x supporting file in Win10 that might have been corrupted on the one pc?  I hesitate to do a complete windows re-install and then have to re-install the dozens of programs I already have on the computer, but I am running out of ideas.

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


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