locked #bugreport (more a suggestion?): stop auto scroll when scroll bar is not at bottom #IssueReport

Victor Reijs

Hello all of you,

I am a new user of wsjt-x (first as an SWL [NL413] and in the near future as pe1atn). Last Saturday the PACCDigi contest was happening. It was my first contest. So used wsjt-x (v2.3.0). I all worked fine, and I am sure that for a transmitter operator the GUI looks great.
As an SWL there is one thing that could be very handy. Being able to stop the scrolling of the 'Band activity' area. So if the scroll bar is not touching the bottom then it would be nice if the monitored messages are not resetting the scroll.  As SWL one wants to look in the past and at this moment the area scrolls up when a new message is decoded. So relaxed looking for earlier messages is very cumbersome. Pressing 'Stop' stops the monitoring, which is not handy as I want monitoring to continue (only the scrolling to be easier controlled).

Could that be implemented?

Another option in the Band Activity area (and Rx Frequency' area) would be a 'Find' (that colors the existing and new-decoded matching string).

Anyway thanks for providing this great program and mode.

All the best and stay healthy,

Victor (NL413 and PE1ATN)

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