locked Re: Can't move forward! #Cat_RigControl #NewUser #WSJTX_config

Bill Somerville

On 21/04/2021 11:53, Tony Castelli wrote:

A. J. Castelli 
General Class Operator

Thanks Greg, knowing that about the frequencies helps. I'll use what's program default. I have attached a screenshot so you guys can see if I am messed up in the setting up or not. The "Test CAT" is green and the "Test PTT" is red, showing that the program is happy happy with my config. I can't show a side-by-side of the radio and the PC, but I'll try to explain what is happening. In screenshot01, notice the frequency: 14.072.711. My radio is dialed in at 14.075! That frequency does change as I change frequency, but still stays mismatched. 
The band activity window is empty. I know there isn't anything on the waterfall in the pic, but even when there is, the window is still empty/blank.
I hope that you guys can help me get everything meshing properly. If you need more input, please, let me know.

Hi Tony,

if you are seeing a difference between the displayed frequency in WSJT-X and you rig then you have probably entered calibration parameters into the "Settings->Frequencies" panel. To revert to no frequency calibration correction enter 0 for both the slope and intercept parameters.


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