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Bill Somerville

On 20/04/2021 01:53, Mike Cummings wrote:
I'm stumped and can't find anything about this issue after a lot of googling.

I'm on Windows 10 on an ASUS laptop and my rig is an IC-7300.

Suddenly, when I attempt to transmit (FT8) with my IC-7300, I get transmission, but at the end of the cycle, it just keeps transmitting. The only way to stop it is with the TRANSMIT button on the front panel. But after that, PTT control seems to be locked. Then the Test PTT button in Settings is grayed out. If I try exiting WSJT-X and relaunch, I get a message that another instance is running and it asks me if I want to remove the stale lock file. No answer works, and I can't kill it in Task Manager. All I can do is reboot, but then after launching WSJT-X, I just have the same problem.

I've been running FT8 every day for a week without problem. The only thing that's different is that I installed Gridtracker. The problem occurs whether Gridtracker is running or not.

My station isn't permanent. I live in a small rental house with no room for a shack, so I set up outside. I don't have a proper ground, because I can't here. I'm not allowed to drive a ground rod. I'm using an end-fed with my internal tuner. I know it's a compromise antenna. It's what I have for now. It's hard to get my ideal antenna due to rental restrictions and the fact that I'm disabled. I'm just using a USB cable without an intervening interface.

What gets me is that I've made 150 or so QSOs the past few days without problems and I haven't changed anything. I've reinstalled the USB driver, rearranged my USB cable, which had ferrite beads on both ends, and I don't know what else to do. Any ideas would be welcome.


Mike NX7E
Hi Mike,

your symptoms are likely caused by a loss of CAT control due to issues with the virtual serial port. Given it happens while transmitting then RFI is extremely likely to be the root cause. Verify by using reduced power, a dummy load, a different band, or another aerial.


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