locked Re: Using radios for wajtx and remote #Cat_RigControl

Dave Garber

are you settings things separate under the configurations tab??

Dave Garber

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 4:02 PM Gerald Klotz <KB9PKI@...> wrote:

Good afternoon. I got my income 7300 and 9700 set up and working again but forgot to check output power, which turns out to be zip. 

I went ahead and worked on the icom res-ba1 software and got that working remotely with both radios. I went to do some ft8 and no power out. I know it’s something in the settings somewhere, but I keep missing it. Everything works fine and I. An control both rigs but can’t transmit any power on either radio. Both have their own codec installed and assigned.

When I switch to 144.174 the software switches radios and then to the hf radio for hf freq’s.

Anyone have an idea?

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